Feeding the World - One Polypropylene Bag at a Time

 Agriculture and polypropylene feed the world.  

 Yes, you read us right – agriculture and polypropylene go hand-in-hand when it comes to the storage and transportation of food. 

The packaging industry is more alike to agriculture than you might have initially assumed: ongoing innovation, commitment to excellence and widespread public demand for their services have made them both integral parts of everyday life.   

Harvesting agriculture products to be prepared for bulk transport

The agriculture industry is ceaselessly striving for perfection from the early stages of seeding, the long hours of harvest to the careful delivery of product to millions upon millions of tables. While the packaging industry is often not the first to come to mind when considering agriculture, it has played an instrumental role in ensuring that the fruits of farmer’s labour” get from the field to your table.   

The agriculture sector first started using polypropylene bags back in 1954. Before the use of polypropylene, farmers and processors were losing a high, and costly, percentage of product during storage and transport. Agriculture leadership sought out the packaging industry for assistance in alleviating this challenge. The packaging industry arose to answer the call, developing the polypropylene bag. This bag, just like the science and engineering used in the agriculture industry, has greatly developed over the past 66+ years.  

Today, both farmers and processors still use polypropylene woven bags for several reasons. A few examples why are: affordable price, diverse packaging options, durability, pest and rodent control, moisture control and stress resistance properties 

polypropylene woven backs stacked in warehouse for agriculture

The agriculture industry is always trying to be as efficient as possible, and part of being efficient is keeping costs in check. Polypropylene woven bags have cost and value for the dollar covered. Polypropylene woven bags outperform other packaging plastics in nearly every category. It can hold more weight and last longer.   

Packaging Options:
Polypropylene woven bags are available in custom and in-stock sizes for processors and agriculture experts. Even better, these bags can be branded to promote your product and other wares. Your brand, itself, is valuable, which is why we have printing capabilities for multiple colours. 

The high tensile strength of polypropylene woven bags combined with resistance to high temperatures and chemicals make it the agriculture industry's ideal choice.  

Pest & Rodent Control:  
The engineering behind polypropylene woven bags makes them highly resistant to pests, insects and rodents – outstanding for transporting and storing agriculture products.  

Moisture Control:  
Polypropylene woven bags' low permeability means better moisture control for products stored inside and a significantly lower chance of mold or rot.  

Resistance Properties:  
Polypropylene woven bags are very resistant to physical stresses and can be treated for additional strength if woven in specific shapes. They hold an abundant weight, even while lifting, and resist tearing from abrasion or stretching.  

Since inception, agriculture professionals and processors have put polypropylene woven bags through the wringer, and they have withstood to prove value and adaptability. If your organization would like to discuss how polypropylene woven bags can enhance your brand image and protect your product through transportation or storage, we welcome you to reach out to one of the packaging solution experts at MiniBulk. We are here now to support agriculture’s efforts, just like we were more than 20 years ago.  

Let’s start a conversation. 

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