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Our Ready-to-Ship Bulk Packaging

Buying bags has never been easier, and bulk packaging delivery has never been faster. We have hundreds of thousands of bags ready to ship to your site, with dozens of different bag SKUs to choose from based on your bulk packaging needs.


Bulk Bags (FIBCs)

There’s no easier way to carry, store, and transport your products than with MiniBulk’s FIBCs. Our stock bulk bags with handles are made of flexible polypropylene fabric that keeps the bags lightweight while maximizing strength. Available in various sizes and weight capacities, FIBCs are perfect for a variety of industries, including hazmat, agriculture, landscape and construction.

  • Weight capacity: 2,205 lbs to 4,000 lbs
  • Volume capacity: A variety of configurations from 27 to 64 cubic feet
  • Loading Options: Open top, duffel top, and spout top
  • Discharge Options: Plain and spout bottom

Polywoven Bags

Looking for bulk packaging for beans, seeds, firewood, sand and much more? PP woven bags may be just what you need. Our polywoven bags are made from breathable, flexible, and lightweight woven fabric that is sunlight and tear-resistant. These bags are perfect for the agriculture, landscaping and food-production industries. 

Additionally, our PP woven bags can be custom printed with your logo and text.

  • Weight capacity: 55 lbs to 110 lbs
  • Dimensions: 14 x 26 to 22 x 40
  • Top openings: Top hem
  • Custom-designs available

Liners and Top Covers

Are you looking to protect the product you put in your bulk packaging? Our standard liners and top covers will help with general product protection, whereas our heavy-duty liners can help with regulated products like hazardous materials. Whether you’re trying to keep moisture in or out of your bulk packaging, liners and covers are a great complementary product.

  • Thickness: 2.75, 4.0, and 6.0 mil
  • Dimensions: A variety of sizes available for inner and outer packing
  • Packaging: Roll Stock, Perforated Tear-off for easy use

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Why Purchase MiniBulk Stock Bags?

As a global supplier of bulk packaging, MiniBulk ensures our stock bags are there for you whenever you need them, wherever you need them, so your operations never come to a standstill.

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Getting your bulk packaging on time is essential to your operations. With MiniBulk, all you have to do is place your order, and we’ll ship them out the same day!

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Hundreds of Thousands of Bags In Stock

We carry 100,000+ bags in stock, so you can get all the bulk packaging you need to maintain your operations.

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Don’t worry about investing capital in carrying an inventory of bulk packaging; MiniBulk keeps them in stock for you until you’re ready to use them.

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of Quality

Our quality bags are produced to the strict ISO standards, so you know exactly what to expect every time you purchase bulk packaging from MiniBulk.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much are wholesale stock bulk bags?
The cost of our bulk bags ultimately depends on the size, type and quantity of bulk packaging you need. For more information about our pricing, please contact us.
What is the size of a bulk bag?
Our bulk bags are available in a variety of sizes. For more information about the sizes of our bags, please refer to our print and pin stock list.
Are bulk bags waterproof?
No, our bulk bags are not waterproof. However, our liners prevent water or external elements from entering or exiting your bulk packaging.
How many kgs of product can fit in bulk bags?
The amount of kgs that can fit in UN-certified bulk bags depends on the product type and density you want to load. If you have questions about the safe working load of our PP woven or FIBC bulk bag with your specific product, feel free to contact us!
Are bulk bags reusable?
For safety reasons and our level of ISO standards, MiniBulk stock bags for sale are all single-use.
What products can you put in stock bags?
Each MiniBulk bag can transport, store, and carry a variety of products and materials. The following are a few common items companies fill stock bags with:
  • Soil/Landscape Materials
  • Waste
  • Fine powders
  • Minerals
  • Fertilizer/Produce
  • Firewood
What bags do you have in stock?
We have dozens of SKUs of bulk packaging in store, ready for transportation to your facility. Whether you need food-grade bulk bags, or UN-rated bulk bags, we have a variety of in-stock FIBC, woven polypropylene bags, liners, and more!