Gear up for Winter With Quality Stock Sandbags

Attn: sand supply businesses—winter is here! Do you have enough sandbags to support your winter rush? And, are your bags tough enough to withstand the harsh winter weather?

Whether your customers use your sand to hold down construction signs or add traction to icy roads, they need sandbags that are durable enough to last throughout the winter.

From direct sunlight to heavy snow, your sandbags may endure some pretty tough conditions. To keep your customers satisfied, it’s important for your sandbags to be…

👉 Durable enough for traction weight

👉 Weather resistant

👉 UV protected

With MiniBulk, we not only meet but exceed these expectations. In fact, our sandbags are 50% more UV resistant than similar bulk packaging!

Gear up for your winter rush with MiniBulk's PP woven stock bags, purpose-built for carrying sand.