Food Grade Bulk Bags


Food Grade Bulk Packaging for Safely Produced Food

If you’re expected to meet stringent health standards for safe food production and handling, your bulk packaging should be held to the same standard.


A Complete Bag Solution

We offer consultation for design, automated/manual filling, moving, storing, and end-use.


MiniBulk Tough

Strong enough to carry the weight with lasting durability.


Custom Sizing & Branding

Any bag design, any size, with your logo, text, or image.


Diversified Manufacturing

Depend on a reliable worldwide network of partners to deliver your quality bags on time.


When it comes to food safety, we put the same effort into making clean bulk packaging as you do in making a clean, safe, and legal product. 

All of our food-grade bulk bags are made in certified clean facilities using the latest international standards and accreditation set by GFSI.


Every food grade bulk bag we manufacture can be traced back to the factory that made it, when it was made, the production line that manufactured it, right down to the person sewing it all together.

Traceability is a key factor in food safety, and we understand that traceability in food-grade packaging is critical as well. 


Whatever standard you require for clean bags, we will meet and exceed it. From ISO9001, to BRC, to AIB, to the umbrella standards of GFSI, we have you covered. 

Any food-grade facility we utilize must pass annual 3rd party inspections and maintain their food safety standards throughout the entire year.

Billion Lbs

Our clients move an astronomical amount of product around the globe annually.

Custom Bags Designed

For our customer using every option imaginable.

Kilometers Traveled

We’ve traveled to the moon and back to deliver our bulk packaging solutions.

Let’s talk about your food-grade bag needs

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