Don't Try and Sell me Nothin'!

There’s an old saying in sales when it comes to trying to win new business: “Me too, less five.” Simply put, let us try to imitate what you are doing now for a little less money. While that approach might work for some people, it is certainly not the way business should be done.

Now more than ever, companies are calling, knocking, emailing, texting, blogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Yelping, Pinteresting, flickring, tumblring, YouTubeing, FourSquareing, GooglePlusing, Skypeing, InstaGraming, Redditing, and more. New platforms attempting to achieve age-old sales results while butchering the English language along the way.


 Ad nauseam in an increasingly ad filled landscape

In today’s world, any company with a couple spare bucks can get a shiny, digital veneer. We are extremely visual creatures by nature, and our bias tends to show when judging a book. Once you get past our seemingly entrenched partisanship, it is critical to examine the content.

We have all been seduced by gorgeous cladding at some point in our lives. The question then becomes, “How can I cut through the colossal cacophony of clutter and find a real solution to my current problem?”

This is where the idea of consultative selling comes into play. There might be five companies who can solve your problem, but how do you decide the best fit? Essentially, the average consumer is inundated with marketing every minute of every day.

At a glance, wow ,EVERYTHING is awesome! Can you believe the results?!? This product is PERFECT for you! YES you! You’d be a fool not to buy! However, like the aforementioned book, the cover looks amazing, but is the content right for you? According to this pop-up ad, obviously it is, ACT NOW DUMMY, supplies are limited!

 Savvy buyers do not need to be sold, they demand to be educated

Think about that last major purchase you made. Did you just go to the store and find a salesperson to tell you about their goods and services? If you have an internet connection, I would bet you did some research on what you were looking to buy. No longer does the consumer feel like they are in a mechanics garage with Ratchet Ralph pointing to an auto-part you’ve never heard of saying it needs to be replaced. I know I like to keep my headlight fluid levels topped up.

This speaks volumes about the most important feeling that is shared between a seller and a buyer. That feeling is trust. In a world where everybody is screaming they are the fastest, smartest, and best for you, it’s clear that trust needs to be earned.  Once you have that trust, a seller can move into the untouchable realm of authority.

If you are in sales, how many referrals have you received in your career? Referrals are more powerful than people understand. A referral strips away the myriad of sales processes and points a buyer directly to a seller with authority.  The authority is built on preexisting trust that has expanded to the point of not requiring preliminary research.

Even though 1500 companies just told you that they’re the best this morning, a buyer telling another buyer to skip the noise and go directly to you is a huge achievement.

Technology has changed the game, but the players are still human

The ultimate goal of a consultative salesperson is to become a trusted authority in their particular field. Not just a person who contacts you when they know you need to buy again, or when their company has a new product-line. This is not to be confused with being a friend, or a fun person to have around the office once in a while with a box of donuts. A consultative sales professional is up to speed on industry trends and their customer’s unique business challenges.

At the end of the day, you simply can’t be all things to all people. However, in your niche, your wheel-house, it is important to become more than just an order filler. You need to engage your existing clients and potential clients with more vigor than ever. If you take the time to listen, learn and understand what issues your clients face, they are far more likely to come back to you when they need to place an order or get information.

That is something a lot of sales people will never experience: A client calling you up for advice or input, with nothing on their shopping list. If you can get to that happen, I guarantee when they are filling out the shopping list again, you will be their first call.

If you currently feel like you’re sold “me too, less five”, I invite you to contact a MiniBulk expert to see what we can do for you.

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