Beating the Bulk Bag Winter Blues

Well, it’s that time of year again…

Time for the annual “bulk bag dip” we see in our industry at the beginning of every winter season. For whatever reason, the months of November, December, and January see a big decline in people shopping for bulk bags. I wasn’t sure if it was just a feeling I got around this time every year, or if there is some historical context. After all, I did sell bags all over North America for many years, millions of dollars’ worth annually in fact. So am I just being melodramatic, or is there proof of this annual dip?

Well now that I am in the marketing seat, I figured I could do a little research and truly find out if the Winter Bulk Bag Blues are real, or just in my head. So I started to look at search trends going back to 2004, and wouldn’t-you-know-it, when you pop in my two favorite words, here’s what comes up:

Bulk Bag search history on Google

Firstly, you will notice the general trend for the keywords “bulk bag” have been on a pretty steady uptick for the past 12 years or so. And why not? Bulk bags are awesome, just plain awesome in my humble opinion. I have been writing for years to inform, educate, and entertain our fans about all things bulk bag. Lately I’ve been informing our competitors as they seem to really like my blogs. Ahem, liking them a little too much if you catch my drift… But hey imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? 

Secondly and most importantly, you can see annual dips clear as day along the entire timeline! When I hover over those points on the chart, guess what month pops up? If you said December, ding-ding-ding, you’re spot-on! Every single low point in the chart above corresponds to the month of December without fail. It looks like my Winter Bulk Bag Blues are legit and not some psycho-somatic delusion that I dreamt up in an effort to write another blog.

Now, I get it, to some degree.

A cold and barren winter landscape on the prairies

Beautiful, breathtaking... barren, depressing.

It’s the end of the calendar year, traveling is taking precedent for millions, and people are longing for family time away from the office. Shopping becomes the mantra of the masses and spending a day at the mall is enough to make anybody forget their own name let alone bulk bags. Then there’s the big holiday towards the end of December and then there’s the big party right after that.

Preceding both those main events are smaller office parties held all through the month as well. Dinners, drinks, dancing, and decadence are on the menu for everybody in what is literally our darkest month. With so much going on, I guess I can understand why people are not shopping for bulk bags.

However, I am going to layout some points to help my colleagues and I get over the all-too-real Winter Bulk Bag Blues:

We’re Canadians First

Like most Canucks, we are used to the cold, ice, and general awfulness of our harsh winters. Did you know we invented the snowmobile and the snow-blower? That sounds pretty stereo typically Canadian, but it’s true. We’re not afraid to get into a frigid rental car to visit you and talk all things bulk bag. If you have some free-time in the dark months, then book a meeting with us from the comfort of your climate controlled office. Leave the travel up to us, we’ll get there!

We’re International:

Our reach as a supply company only knows the boundary of outer space. If you are anywhere on this planet, we can ship the best bulk bags in the biz right to your door at any time. Or to the temporary air strip. Or by barge to your dock on the river. Or by truck on the winter ice road. Heck, when it comes to needing bulk bags in space, we would be happy to get them out there too if tasked!

We’re Multicultural:

We communicate in English, French, Vietnamese, Mandarin, and Spanish. We have clients from Alaska to Zimbabwe. In our business, there is no true downtime, especially since it takes months to produce a custom order which we track meticulously. If we need somebody in the office, we will have somebody in the office.

We Love to Travel:

At MiniBulk, we are travel veterans. I myself have logged thousands of hours in planes, trains, and automobiles over the years. After all, that’s what makes a MiniBulk Expert an Expert: Experience. From management’s annual factory check-up trips to our local guy heading down to Lethbridge for the day, if we can’t see your operation first hand, we can’t offer you the best bulk packaging solutions. If you are slowing down too, what better time is there to sit down and have a really great conversation without the usual distractions?

Time is on Your Side:

Does your operation slow down around the holiday season as well? Trim back the staff and hours a little to accommodate vacation plans? Well then that is the perfect time to test out a new MiniBulk designed solution! No distractions, no big orders to fill, and no pressure to rush the testing. You can take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of your MiniBulk representative while they are on-site. We understand testing can be stressful for your operations team, so why not schedule testing when things are not so hectic?

So it looks like my Winter Bulk Bag Blues are definitely real. Won’t you please do your part to help break our industry out of this annual funk? Together, we can finally Beat the Winter Bulk Bag Blues!