Our Quality Assured Bulk Packaging Procurement Process

Bulk packaging solutions are our specialty – but you already knew that. Our clients rely on us to fulfill their packaging needs and depend on us to ensure the proper functionality and secure supply of bags. Bulk packaging that is not designed for the intended use and has poor quality or unreliable supply can be crippling to an operation. This results in product and revenue loss.


How do you ensure high-quality, reliable supply?

Bulk packaging is an important part of your operation. It is the culmination of all your investment and hard work that gets your finished product to market. Yet, often it isn’t thought about regularly unless you’re experiencing complications with supply or reviewing suppliers. Your bulk packaging supplier is a crucial partner in your supply chain management and overall business functionality. MiniBulk has the flexibility to provide a broad range of industry-specific bulk packaging sourced from accredited sources.

Procuring bulk packaging can be an overwhelming task if you aren’t familiar with the sourcing process and quality assurance points. To protect your organization’s investment, our team acts as a partner through the whole process. We have diverse and knowledgeable packaging experts and an in-house technical team who can provide you with information and support from start to finish.

Bulk bags being lifted by a crane.

Where Would You be Without Us?

The bulk packaging procurement process is not a one-size-fits-all system. We aim to understand the functional requirements of your business's needs and translate those requirements into technical specifications used to develop and customize your bulk packaging solution properly.

At MiniBulk, we work closely with your team to deliver high-quality packaging that meets your instructions and guidelines. We foster strong relationships so we can ensure your purchasing experience is seamless. Our team of experts works hard to improve production efficiencies and guarantees the optimization of your FIBC bulk packaging solution experience.

From discovery to delivery, we use six crucial steps to ensure your bulk bag procurement process goes as seamlessly as possible.

1: Discovery

We explore seven functional areas of bulk packaging supply and learn about your operation and customer challenges. Our aim is to be a valued supplier through partnership, collaboration, and value solutions.

2: Packaging Value Analysis

With engagement from internal stakeholders and packaging experts, we identify value opportunities in the supply chain in areas of packing, freight, and efficiency. Any geo-potential risk and need for diversification of supply is identified.

3: Solutions Proposal

Bulk packaging and logistics experts suggest a holistic bag solution that encompasses the complete lifecycle of your bulk packaging. We provide visualization for new concepts, designs, specifications, and shipping efficiency.

4: Samples

Before a full order is placed, design prototypes are manufactured, and we complete an in-person or virtual bag test to ensure compliance with your business standards.

5: Supply Plan

Clients have the option to store bulk packaging in their facilities or participate in a stock and release program. MiniBulk uses data visualization and business analytics software that provides real-time monitoring of your product and supply plan.

6: Annual Business Review

Together, we engage internal stakeholders and bulk packaging experts to review the bulk packaging operation for efficiency and value-added opportunities.


This six-step process allows us to promise consistent, high-quality products that can be used in a variety of industries at economical prices. Our business is built on integrity - and we strive to go above and beyond bags every day.

These are just a few reasons why MiniBulk is an industry leader in bulk packaging.

If this sounds like what you are looking for, start your bulk packaging journey by contacting us today.


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