Bulk Bags and Packaging Solutions

For Any Industry or Any Deed, We Have the Bulk Bags to Fill Your Need.

MiniBulk bulk bags and packaging solutions are perfect for filling, storing, and transporting your products. Whether you are packaging lightweight or heavy-duty materials, we have a packaging solution for you.

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Our clients move an astronomical amount of product around the globe annually.

Custom Bags Designed

For our customers using every option imaginable.

Kilometers Traveled

We’ve travelled to the moon and back to deliver our bulk packaging solutions.

About Us

North America's Leading Bulk Packaging Provider

MiniBulk is backed by experience and packed with value.

As a global supplier of bulk bags with over 25 years of experience, we’ve connected our customers to quality bulk packaging solutions in major global industries. It’s our mission to improve our clients’ business processes through strategic consultation and achievable solutions.


Bulk Bags For All Your Packaging Needs

With bags of different sizes and designs, MiniBulk is sure to offer a bulk bag that best fits your company's needs. Discover MiniBulk's unique products and features below.

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers/Bulk Bags

Standard FIBCs are a safe way to move tonnes of products in virtually any industry. They are excellent for:

  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Food production & more

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Multiwall Paper Bags

Made with sustainable materials, the multiwall paper bags are your economical packaging option for:

  • Animal Feed
  • Cement
  • Chemicals & more

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Polypropylene Woven Bags

Designed as a solution for storage and transportation of dry products and goods, polypropylene woven bags can carry goods such as:

  • Seed 
  • Pulses & grains
  • Sand & more

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Ocean & Railcar Liners

Our container liners convert any ISO shipping container into a bulk transport system. Best used for bulk dry products such as:

  • Fine powders
  • Granules
  • Food products & more

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Put safety first by protecting your cargo and people while keeping your freight claims down with MiniBulk dunnage bags. Commonly used for:

  • OTR & Truck
  • Intermodal
  • Rail & more

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Bulk Bags For Your Industry

No matter your business or industry, we have the bulk bag for you! From food-grade bulk bags to mining to hazmat and beyond, we can customize bulk packaging solutions that fit your unique needs.



Get the bulk bags you need to ship your products quickly and efficiently, so you can feed people worldwide.


Mining & Minerals

Safely secure and transport your high-value products with the toughest mining bulk bags on the planet.


Landscaping & Horticulture

Transport natural beauty with branded bulk bags for soil, aggregates, mulch, and more.


Construction Minerals & Waste

Heavy-duty shipments require heavy-duty bag solutions. Whether it’s construction or demolition, we have the bulk bag for you.


Food Production

Ship food products safely with our BRC and GFSI certified good-grade bulk packaging.


Hazmat & Chemical Production

Safely collect and transport hazardous materials with UN-Rated bulk bags ideal for soil remediation and containment.

What MiniBulk Does Differently


A Complete Bag Solution

We offer consultation for design, automated/manual filling, moving, storing, and end-use.


MiniBulk Tough

Strong enough to carry the weight with lasting durability.


Custom Sizing & Branding

Any bag design, any size, create a bulk bag with your brand logo, text, or image.


Diversified Manufacturing

Depend on a reliable worldwide network of partners to deliver your quality bags on time.

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