"The only time to eat diet food is while

you're waiting for the steak to cook" 

Julia Child

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Two food production workers in full smocks read a factory check list.

How does MiniBulk go Above and Beyond Food Grade Bags?

A man with a hairnet checks the levels of a liquid in a food facility.


When it comes to food-safety, we put the same effort into making clean bulk packaging as you do in making a clean, safe, and legal product. 

All of our food grade bulk bags are made in certified clean facilities using the latest international standards and accreditation.


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A baker stands proudly in front a tray of freshly baked bread.


Every food grade bulk bag we manufacture can be traced back to the factory that made it, when it was made, the production line that manufactured it, right down to the person sewing it all together.

Traceability is a key factor in food-safety, and we understand that traceability in food grade packaging is critical as well. 


Fully covered workers prepare dough balls at an industrial bakery.


Whatever standard you require for clean bags, we will meet and exceed it. From ISO9001, to BRC, to AIB, to the umbrella standards of GFSI, we have you covered. 

Any food-grade facility we utilize must pass annual 3rd party inspections and maintain their food safety standards through out the entire year.

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