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Astonishing Capacity

Just one pallet of MiniBulk bags can hold 255 tonnes of granular product. (That’s more than half a million pounds!)

Minibulk Products take up little space and still hold up to 255 tonnes of granular product

Order from a selection of stock FIBC bags or have us manufacture bags to your exact specifications.

MiniBulk is Canada’s premier supplier of stock and custom-designed FIBCs (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers) - heavy-duty storage and shipping bags that can hold more than 4,000 pounds each of granular product…everything from Alfalfa to Zinc!

ISO (International Standards Organization)

ISO (International Standards Organization)

All MiniBulk bags are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified production facilities, and they adhere to ISO 21898 standards for FIBC construction (with options for ISO 22000 clean standards available as well). With MiniBulk, quality is in the Bag!

The United Nations)

UN (United Nations)

Moving regulated materials? MiniBulk’s UN-rated FIBCs for the transportation of dangerous goods are guaranteed to meet all regulatory requirements. They come in standard stock options or can be custom-designed for your specific handling environments. With safe working loads from 500 to 3,000 kg, you can rest assured safety it’s in the Bag!

US Food and Drug Administration

FDA (Food and Drug Administration)

MiniBulk bags constructed with US Food and Drug Administration approved materials eliminate the potential for chemical migration to your food-safe products. MiniBulk carries a standard inventory of FIBCs constructed with FDA approved materials, so clean is in the Bag!

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

Need a clean-grade FIBC for industrial or feed products? HACCP process controls eliminate the potential for foreign contaminates in MiniBulk bags. From metal detection to raw material grading, MiniBulk makes sure clean is in the Bag!



MiniBulk offers bags constructed under the AIB system for food contact packaging - your assurance that the materials are safe and the total environment is clean. With MiniBulk, the cleanest, safest way to move food-safe products is in the Bag!

Canadian Food Inspection Agency

CFIA (Canadian Food Inspection Agency)

MiniBulk’ food grade bags are manufactured using resins approved by
Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA).

CFIA is regulatory agency of Government of Canada which evaluates and confirms suitability to use the resins for Food Contact Packaging. We only use resins registered & approved by the CFIA to manufacture our Food Grade bags. This ensures that the resins and its Chemical-ingredients are safe for Food Contact Packaging and possibilities of chemical migration in food-product is eliminated.


IMO (International Maritime Organization)

MiniBulk offers bags constructed under the IMO system


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