Enjoy zero downtime with MiniBulk mining bag supply.

MiniBulk addresses demand planning and inventory control for customers as a core element of our customer service pledge.

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Worried about running out of bags?

Frustrated by bulk bags that break?

Fearing operational downtime?

MiniBulk's supply measures adhere to bulk bag standards, are managed through a quality tracking program, and offer verified performance. All of which is guided by data analytics for demand planning.

Worried you'll run out of bags?

We get it. When you run out of bags, you can't package and ship your product, and your facility quickly backs-up. When needed, we'll inventory your bags and send them to you on demand. We won't let you run out.

Frustrated by bags that break?

That's definitely a problem. Your people and customers could be exposed to dangerous goods or situations that require a significant effort to solve. MiniBulk bags are manufactured to your exacting standards. You can trust our bags.

Fear operational downtime?

Can't have that. We understand that unpredictable bulk bag performance can cost you time and money. Avoiding re-work and extra handling keeps your operations running smoothly and profitably. Our bags are designed to perform. Keep running efficiently.

If you don't order MiniBulk bags, you may continue to experience operational inefficiencies, safety claims, and production losses. Let's avoid that.

Our mission is to bring trust, reliability, and safety to the bulk bag world.

MiniBulk has been in business for over 25 years (1996) serving multiple industries (mining and minerals, agriculture, food production, and hazardous materials to name just a few). Our team's experience spans four continents and multiple languages. Our products are innovative, sustainable, supporting your material process solutions. MiniBulk bag manufacturing is supported by an experienced client service team.

Working with MiniBulk bags is problem-free.


We start out by working alongside you to determine bulk bag specifications.


Then we design and manufacture bulk bags to your specific specs and volume.


You then enjoy reliable supply and inventory control, avoiding downtime.

How MiniBulk Solves Packaging Problems For Businesses Like Yours

Why this Multinational Mining Company Chose MiniBulk Bags for their Packaging

From environmental and safety issues to operational challenges, this mining company needed a leading bulk packaging provider to solve their packaging problems. Since MiniBulk has provided quality bulk packaging solutions for over 25 years, the mining company knew that MiniBulk would improve their business operations and assist them with their packaging needs.


Upgraded Internal Liner

After implementing a new liner design, the bag failure rate went from a concerning 30% to less than 0.1% at the filling stage.

Additional UV-Protection and Lift Strength

New MiniBulk bags were constructed using improved UV-protected materials and higher lift test standards for whole-life package integrity.

Upgraded Manufacturing Standards

We eliminated the environmental problems created by the previous packaging by applying international standards to the design that fit the reality of the whole life-cycle of the bags.

Installed a Unique Tabbing Configuration to Improve Safety

We ensured the inner layer did not discharge with the product at end-user site, reducing safety hazards to personnel.

New Internal Layer Configuration

The inner layer was sized correctly in relation to the outer bag, leading to a clean, efficient, and safe discharge of concentrate every time.


When you have MiniBulk bags, you can experience operational efficiencies, avoid safety claims, and enjoy uninterrupted production.

Let’s talk about your bulk bag needs

A MiniBulk specialist will contact you promptly, usually within 24 hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best type of bulk bag for mining operations?
The right MiniBulk bulk bag starts with assessing the life-cycle needs of the product you plan to put in the bag. Then, the required safety and technical standards should be applied to ensure your product is handled efficiently and safely.
Does MiniBulk carry any stock inventory for mining operations?
Yes! In addition to creating custom packaging solutions for our clients, we carry a line of bulk bags that are ready to go when you are. These items are available in standard, and UN-rated options for site waste, co-products and finished goods.
What safety standards should be considered in the design of a bulk bag for mining operations?
Depending on the product, UN TDG and IMDG standards are commonly applied to bulk bags for mineral products. Additionally, handling environments can be a factor when considering the proper type of FIBC to use under ISO 21898.