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Raise your brand with air dunnage bags

Posted by Jason Gordon on Thu, Aug 20, 2020 @ 15:08 PM

Your company has been shipping products for decades and has continued to evolve throughout this time. You have a keen eye when analyzing the data and understand that the safety of your employees comes above moving cargo out of the warehouse at whatever the cost. 

 This savvy business strategy is what builds your success. 

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Our Business Practices - Your Bulk Packaging Solutions

Posted by Jason Gordon on Wed, Jul 29, 2020 @ 09:07 AM

“MiniBulk's culture encourages me to think deeply. Lively conversations are happening and there's lots to be learned. I am expected to grow in my role and help the MiniBulk Team evolve.”  

In case we haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet, let me introduce myself before I get too far ahead. My name is Jason Gordon and I am the New Product Development Manager at MiniBulk 

While I have only had the privilege of being at MiniBulk for the past five months, I have worked with several companies over my 20+ year business development career.  From the manufacturing sector to the performance industry to the engineering industry, I have immersed myself in diverse working environments and collaborated with individuals that sharply differ in working styles. I suppose you could say that I have been around the block in the corporate world.  

If there’s one idea that, I believe, cannot be understated is that a company’s culture defines the success of a company, no matter how great the products are (or aren’t).

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Topics: supply chain, bulk packaging, employee retention, corporate culture, business development