"Real luxury is customization" 

Lapo Elkann

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How does MiniBulk go Above and Beyond Custom Bag Designs?



Over the years, we have designed and manufactured thousands of custom bulk bag configurations for clients around the world.

There is nothing better than seeing a client testing out a new design and seeing how much better things can be for them and their staff. 

When a stock bag is not the ideal solution for you, let's work together to build you the best bag possible. 


Learn About What Goes Into Making Bulk Bags



We have an in-house creative team who will work with you to get those eye-catching graphics out of your head and onto the products you are shipping.

Our manufacturing partners can reproduce any image in vibrant, full colours that leap off the packaging. 

If you're dropping off product in bulk packaging, what better way to let the world know who you are with amazing bulk packaging graphics?

Hi-Res Graphics for Bulk Packaging



Before a single bag is manufactured, we air-freight samples to you to test on your equipment, with your people, and your machinery. It's your custom designed bulk bag, and it needs to be perfect. 

We are 100% dedicated to getting you a perfect custom design that works for you and your one-of-a-kind operation.

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