Bulk Bag FAQ with our MiniBulk mascot Phil DaBagg

You have bulk bag questions?

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Hi there, thanks for stopping by our website.

I'm Instagram Star Phil DaBagg, the official mascot of MiniBulk. As you can probably tell, I spend a lot of time working on strength training, and rightfully so...

My minimum carrying capacity is around 2,200 lbs, so no days off for this guy. Also, I have been around since the fifties, so if you're counting, I'm almost 70 years old

The original bulk bag, it's Phil DaBagg!

If you are considering using bulk bags in your operations or you want to learn more about bulk packaging, head on over to the Blog Section of our website where you can research all things bulk bag. 

If you're still stuck, just send me a message. I can talk bulk bags all day long, so ask me a specific question or two, and I will get back to you within 24 business hours.

Happy Packaging!